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RadioSure can still be used for years ! :-)

Since the RadioSure's server was shutdown (in march 2022), RadioSure no longer receives updates to its database of radio station. (FYI, radiosure.com was hosted in russia.) For its users around the world this will become a problem in the medium term. Without a regularly updated list of radio streams the software will no longer offer new radios, and will no longer connect to radios as soon as their stream addresses change.

As a simple user of this excellent software, I, like others, started looking for a solution. And I finally proposed one on github : create a radio list converter, allowing RadioSure to use the (Free) one from the "Wikipedia" of radios, Radio-Browser.info, with more than 40000 radio stations (200 countries) !

Every station is checked once every 24 hours and deleted if not working more than 6 days.

- You can find the latest updates of the "Radio-Browser to Radio-Sure" database on this server : or http://rb2rs.freemyip.com

• Conversion and hosting by Fran├žois L., many thanks to him ! :-)
Installation : Replace ".rsd" file into "Stations" (sub-directory of RadioSure) by that of the latest.zip archive.

- To make this more convenient, here is a tip + two scripts I made (hosted on github) :

• For automatic updates, you can activate a redirect in the Windows Hosts file ( www.radiosure.com). Easy and safe method : Extract this RB2RS_Hostsedit.zip file (antivirus report) and run the "rb2rs.bat" file. :-) (The tool used is HostsEdit, free and open-source.) DNF, the update is weekly for the free version of RadioSure.

RB2RS-Database-Updater : Script to automate the update of RadioSure's radio station database. You can launch it with a ".bat", a desktop shortcut (small tutorial in PDF), or the task scheduler for daily updates. :-)

RB2RS-Database-Converter : This Windows PowerShell Script converts the latest radio station database from Radio-Browser.info into a version compatible with RadioSure. (To test your ideas, to make another server,..)

(Last updated: 29th August 2022)

Created in august 2022 by Philippe Le B. (aka GHbasicuser)
This website is for information and reference purposes, and is not affiliated with the RadioSure's author(s).