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Some frequently asked questions...

How can i add a new radio station in this new database ?
The station database we use is created and maintained on radio-browser.info. If you have a station to submit that is the place to do it :


They ask for a lot of information but only ONE streaming source, all RadioSure uses is Name, Country, Language, Genre, and at least one streaming source. If you want to list multiple streaming sources, they need to be submitted as separate entries. (FYI, modifications are not possible - RB FAQs)

Do you recommend blocking RadioSure's access to the out-of-service radiosure.com website ?
Currently this has no impact, but the website server is no longer linked to the author(s) of RadioSure (08/2022). It may be prudent to block access to the website from your router (e.g. in the parental control section put www.radiosure.com on the blacklist), or by inserting this line to the Windows host file (c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts) while waiting for a positive change : www.radiosure.com (you can also add radiosure.com)

A more interesting solution : a redirect to François's "RB2RS" server (e.g. www.radiosure.com). The latter is partially based on the "structure" of the old RadioSure website, thus allowing automatic updates. :-)

For your convenience, you can download this zip file : RB2RS_Hostsedit.zip
- Extract the 2 files to the folder you want.
- Then run rb2rs.bat and choose one of these options :

1. Redirect www.radiosure.com to the RB2RS server by modifying the Windows hosts file.
2. Block RadioSure's access to www.radiosure.com by modifying the Windows hosts file.
3. Remove the change to www.radiosure.com from the Windows hosts file.
x. Quit

The tool used is HostsEdit v2.2 (free and open-source).

Good to know : Some routers support "dnsmasq" (more information).

I added the redirect to the Windows hosts file several days ago, but I still don't have an update, why ?
There may be a 7-day delay, here's why : RadioSure in its free version is scheduled for weekly updates, and the software uses the date of the last stations update check which is written in its "RadioSure.xml" file. (NB : "Check for new version" box must be checked in the Options menu.)

Good to know : For more regular updates, feel free to use the script indicated on the home page. (This script also writes the date of the "last check" in the RadioSure.xml file, this may add delay if you use both methods.)

The script reports that it "didn't get a response" or that the "ZIP file seems too small", why ?
If the RB2RS server is not (temporarily) down and no significant changes are reported on the home page of the site, then its domain name (e.g. freemyip.com) may be "blocked" by the DNS resolver used by your computer. (This was observed with the ISP "SihotNET" - 12/2023)

You can resolve this problem by configuring the script to connect directly to the server's @ip (e.g. - 12/2023), or by configuring your operating system to use an alternative DNS resolver.

Good to know : Some ISPs ("100%" IPV6) don't support direct access to the server's @ip (IPV4).

What is Radio-Browser.info ?
This is a community driven effort (like wikipedia) with the aim of collecting as many internet radio and TV stations as possible. Free for ALL. :-) Any help is appreciated ! Website : www.Radio-Browser.info
(Data license: public domain, software license: GPL, server software: open source, servers located in Europe)

Do the RadioSure and Radio-Browser official databases contains the same radio stations ?
By comparing the 2 databases (05/2022), at least 1/3 of the radio stations are common (~11000). Good to know : The Radio-Browser database contains few dead links (they are automatically deleted after 7 days), and everyone can add their favorite radio stations. If you cannot find a radio station from the former RadioSure base, contact us. :-)

Is there a way to retrieve the latest official radio station database for RadioSure ? (i.e. 03/10/2022)
Yes, you can download this file here. (thanks to JazzfanRS)

What are the differences between the free and paid versions that some people have bought in the past ?
This screenshot from the old radiosure.com website details the differences (click here to open in popup).

I have version 2.2.1046, is there a solution to the problem of radio recording not working properly ?
Yes, the solution is to configure the software to record using a fixed bitrate. (e.g. 128 kbps)

Which version of RadioSure can be installed in portable mode ?
All versions can work in portable mode (if chosen during installation). However, it should be noted that the author(s) started using Enigma Protector when was developed RadioSure v2.2 (which became a shareware), and this tool create a key in the windows registry. The latest version that is more respectful of a portable installation mode is version 2.1.969 (2010). You can download it here : RadioSure 2.1.969

Can I update the BASS audio libraries used by RadioSure ?
Yes, but too recent versions can make the software inoperative or unstable. However there are some advantages to point out, e.g. FLAC support for RadioSure v2.1 by upgrading "bass.dll" (to version 2.4.11 for example) and better support for the HLS protocol by upgrading "basshls.dll" (to version for example). Remark : Be careful not to update "bass.dll" beyond version 2.4.14 (2019), as this may cause RS to crash.

Important: The command line parameter /record does not work properly with these updates. (But it looks good for basshls.dll if the folder name of RS is "RadioSure".)

(Last updated: 28th december 2023)

Created in august 2022 by Philippe Le B. (aka GHbasicuser)
This website is for information and reference purposes, and is not affiliated with the RadioSure's author(s).